Macie and Shedding Hair

Macie-And Shedding Hair

One summer day in 2010, my wife and I decided to add a new member to our small family of two, my wife and I. I had been softly pleading my case to her about getting a dog, and finally my plan was becoming a reality. We visited several animal rescue shelters here in the Chicago area. It took only two stops to find the second love of my life, Macie! Macie is a German Sheppard mixed with pit and she is an awesome dog.

Macie basically adopted Debbie (wife) and I. She wasn’t even the dog that I wanted. The dog that I came to see had been adopted before I could get there. We looked at several other dogs, but none really made that special connection. After looking around for a few more minutes, I decided that we should visit another shelter. As Debbie and I were leaving, we passed this one holding stall and this dog (Macie) started jumping up on the fence wagging her tail as though she missed me, and was so happy to see me return. It was a strange moment. The attendant said that Macie had been in the shelter for 11 months because of her temperament.  She had been found on the side of some road with her mouth bind by rubber bands. She was only 5-6 months old when she was taken to the shelter. I looked at her as she jumped around excitedly, and I felt in love. Now Macie is a big part of my life and I love her so much.

However, I did not love what came with Macie, Shedding hair nightmares! Wow! I had never vacuumed, brushed, and combed so much hair. I was going nuts and getting so frustrated with all the hair in my car whenever I would take her for rides. I looked everywhere for a solution, but to no avail.  One day my wife and I were complaining to each other about the shedding hair, and I made a casual remark, “they should have hair nets for dogs just like I had to wear when I was a cook.” Suddenly, a light went on in my head. We came up with the idea of the Doggyhairnet. I do not want this to sound like an advertisement, but I do want everyone that reads this to know that the Doggyhairnet works better than anything I have used to control shedding hair.

Well, thanks for your time and I hope enjoyed Macies’. Why would anyone do such a cruel thing to a helpless creature? Every time I look at Macies’ scar it tears at my heart that some people can be so evil.

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About fredcredible

I grew up in Cincinnati, Oh. Graduated from Hughes High School in 1967, and attended Central State College. I am currently pursuing an associate degree in culinary art at the College of Dupage. One of my passions is loving dogs. I have owned a dog for most of my life. My current business is Petnets. We created the DoggyHairNets.
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