A Sacrifice of Love

A Sacrifice of Love

Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago I came across a touching story about the sacrifices dog lovers make for our furry friends. I was really touched by one particular story of a newlywed couples’ efforts to raise money for their blind puppy. This was just one of many, but this story just resonated with me.  I have a big heart for dogs, and especially those that need us the most.  My passion has grown deeper over the past two years, and that is largely because of my Macie.  Macie has an interesting story. You  can read Macies’ story on one of my previous blogs called ‘Macie and Shedding Hair.’

Well, without further ado, here’s the story! Enjoy.


The Doggyhairnets

A newlywed couple has given up their honeymoon to help raise vital funds for their blind puppy and her five siblings.

Lee and Ashley Harrower had planned to spend their honeymoon lazing by the pool in Bali, but instead put the money towards surgery for six-month-old black retriever cross Bella, who was born with congenital cataracts.

Bella’s brothers and sisters were also born with varying degrees of the disease, which causes mild to serious blindness.

After discovering the pups needed eye surgery costing $4500 each, Mrs. Harrower said they were determined to raise the money themselves, despite the other puppies finding new owners.

“If helping them means giving up our dream honeymoon, then so be it,” Mrs. Harrower said.

“It seemed unfair that we should go on a holiday when our dog can’t even see properly.”

The pair has so far raised $5000 towards the surgeries, which are likely to take place in six months at Animal Eye Care, Malvern East when the pups’ eyes finish growing.

For more details about the puppies, go to: giveforward.com/blindpuppies.


About fredcredible

I grew up in Cincinnati, Oh. Graduated from Hughes High School in 1967, and attended Central State College. I am currently pursuing an associate degree in culinary art at the College of Dupage. One of my passions is loving dogs. I have owned a dog for most of my life. My current business is Petnets. We created the DoggyHairNets.
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