Memories of Snow




I was born in Bellamy, Alabama, a small town of 500. Meridian, Mississippi is the nearest ‘big city’.  I moved to Cincinnati, Ohio to live with my mom when I was 5 or 6 years young. My mother and step father had moved to Cincinnati to get employment and settle in. She, my mother, wanted to get everything settled before she brought me up.

Every Summer I would go back to Bellamy to spend the summer with my grandmother.  I have some great memories of my summers in Alabama.  My most memorable are the times with my dogs. I remember the hot summer days, and sucking on one of Ms. Besty’s frozen Kool-Aid Dixie cups! Wow! They were haven on earth in a cup!

One of my dogs was named Snow. Yeah, you guessed, Snow was all white. Snow and I were inseparable. He went just about everywhere I went, except school and church. I remember one time Snow and I was walking through a wooded area behind our home, and from nowhere came this coyote (at least that’s what I was told it was). Whatever it was, it raced towards me and Snow. Snow was a big mixed dog, probably German Shepard and something.  Anyway, this wild canine was charging in my direction and I remember being so afraid.  Snow probably saved my life because when the coyote charged closer, Snow attacked and fought off the coyote. Snow suffered a serious cut on one of his legs. In those days, and especially in rural Alabama, animal care facilities weren’t even a thought. Snow recovered from the injury, but walked with a noticeable limp for the rest of his life.

Why am I writing about my childhood with my dog?  I just wanted to share a bit of my joyful memories of a happy time with Snow. I like stories of fund memorable moments between dog lovers and their dogs, so I thought that I would share one of my most memorable moments.

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About fredcredible

I grew up in Cincinnati, Oh. Graduated from Hughes High School in 1967, and attended Central State College. I am currently pursuing an associate degree in culinary art at the College of Dupage. One of my passions is loving dogs. I have owned a dog for most of my life. My current business is Petnets. We created the DoggyHairNets.
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